Bart Dorestein

Bart Dorrestein Junior, son of Legacy Group Chairman Bart Dorrestein, was shot and killed in an attempted hijacking on 21 June 2006 outside his girlfriend’s house. He was only 25 years old.

Bart was of a rare pedigree - He played water polo for Gauteng and South Africa and was revered for his strength and ability in the water. He was fearless, confident, and enigmatic. He had a smile that could melt anyone’s heart. He commanded respect and had a presence that was impossible to ignore. He was well liked by all those who met him and deeply loved by those who knew him.

Bart was fiercely protective, passionate and proud of his heritage as the only son among three daughters. He was also caring and admired. His sister, Susie, said, "He was never selfish, nothing was too much effort and he would never let anyone down."

Bart had been working at Legacy for almost a year when he was murdered. In that short time, he had already proven his worth and had begun to carve a niche for himself amongst the rest of the team. He was a natural leader and solid teammate and is sorely missed.

His death is a loss, not just to his family and all who knew him, but also to our country to which he had so much to offer. South Africa is poorer for the loss of a rare personality and special talent.
”I am left with emptiness – a gaping hole. Some part of me has since been incomplete. I do not know what is missing; don’t know how to describe my loss except that colours are no longer the vibrant assault on the senses they once were, life is not so great anymore. I have lost a friend and a brother." - Anonymous


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