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18 Nov 2009
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Violent crime is rampant in our beautiful country. Like many others, the Legacy Group has been deprived of loved ones by this scourge. The time has come for all South Africans to take a stand and reclaim our pride in our beloved land.

Legacy Pride is a unique anti-crime initiative that allows you to aid the fight against crime.

The Legacy Pride initiative is based on a range of commemorative plush toys, each named after a loved one who fell victim of violent crime in South Africa. These toys are available for purchase to the public and the proceeds from the sales will be put to much-needed use in the fight against violent crime.

By becoming part of the Legacy Pride, we can make a difference. Let’s restore pride in our beloved country and leave behind a Legacy of which we can be proud.

New to the Pride

The newest addition, being that of an elephant, emphasises strength, compassion and a sense of entirety as it aims to represent all those South Africans who have been affected by crime as well as those making a concerted effort in the fight against crime.


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